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mybiopassport empowers you to be the hero of your own health and happiness through a simple at-home test

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Order a blood test online that arrives at your doorstep. No appointment necessary.


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Easily collect a blood sample in the comfort of your home and mail it back to our laboratory for analysis.


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Your easy-to-read results are securely available online and reviewed by a health professional. Personalized actionable recommendations are provided.

Making your data both actionable and understandable, 1 test at a time.

Blood tests have been around for a long time, but the results are almost always written in a way only understandable by health care practitioners. Mybiopassport seeks to simplify this process, by giving you easy-to-understand, precise scientific data that pertains to your health.

The drive behind this came from the founders, Dr Jean-Marc Leroux and Dr Pierre-Edouard Sottas, who for a long time worked in the upper echelons of biological and pharmaceutical companies, and realized that this kind of testing and data was almost only available to the elite. Now, they seek to democratize these solutions through Mybiopassport.

From this realization came our motto “be the hero of your own health”. Indeed, we envision a world where each and every person can be responsible for its own health through affordable screening solutions, allowing everyone to take control of its health by taking action to maintain or improve it.

Our Experts

All of our experts have many years of experience behind them in the field of laboratory-based solutions, and work hard to ensure that you can directly access and understand the data contained in your blood without having to jump through the usual hoops, as you are the main subject of this information.

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Our laboratory located in Geneva, Switzerland, follows the highest requirements for quality and competence to ensure accurate and robust results that you can trust.

Reviewed by health professionals


We work with professional practitioners to ensure that your data are reviewed by qualified experts in nutrition, healthcare and sport performance.