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This RT-PCR test detects the presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus in a saliva sample. This test is designed for groups, families or companies who wish to test themselves at the same time and benefit from a group rate at an attractive price.

PCR Saliva

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Covid-19 Test

This RT-PCR test allows you to determine whether or not you are a carrier of the SARS-COV-2 virus from a simple saliva sample. Studies show that RT-PCR tests on saliva samples are as sensitive as those on nasopharyngeal swabs.

This product is designed for people in the same group such as families, companies, others who are testing at the same time. For example, a family planning a trip and needing one certificate per person for a border crossing. Please ensure that all samples are returned to us in the same return envelope. Your samples will be analyzed using a pooling technique in accordance with the current FOPH recommendations for group testing.

The price of this test is degressive according to the number of requests, thanks to the pooling technique. For a group of 10 people it will cost you about one third of the individual price. The price per test is automatically calculated when you place your order.

Our kit is designed for self-collection, the necessary material is provided so that you can easily do it yourself, and return it back in a secure way at our laboratory thanks to the pre-stamped envelope provided. Once received, the material is analyzed immediately. The result of the RT-PCR analysis is validated by our biologists and is normally returned to you the same day on our online platform mybiopassport, where the laboratory report can be downloaded.

This test is not a self-test. The sample is taken by you at home or in your company, but the analysis is carried out by our laboratory or a partner laboratory upon receipt of your sample. Our laboratory is recognized by the Swiss authorities (Swissmedic) and the laboratory report provided can be used as a certificate for border crossing.

The report is valid for 72 hours for border crossing. Be careful: - Ensure that the laboratory receives the sample on a working day (Monday to Friday) and within the time limits required by the authorities for your border crossing. - Refer to the legislation in force in the country of destination, in order to respect the 72-hour deadline required either from your border crossing or from your arrival in the country in question.

If you are in a hurry, we recommend that you send us your sample by express mail to the same address as on the return envelope with the following option

Please note that we do our best but cannot guarantee delivery times, receipt or processing of orders due to the health situation.

For a single person test, please choose the "PCR Saliva Single" test.

These RT-PCR screening tests, known as comfort tests, related to a trip or other purposes, are not included in the services reimbursed by the Confederation.

Kit Contents

Our kit contains the necessary material for easy collection and shipping to our laboratory with a pre-stamped envelope. Once your sample has been received and analyzed, a report valid for border crossing is issued the same day.

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149.00 CHF

This Antigen COVID-19 test detects SARS-COV-2 antigens (the coronavirus’ envelope proteins) directly from an easy-to-collect capillary blood sample.



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